When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself.
The Makers Crate Company believes in the value of handmade items. Our mission in creating carefully curated collections of handmade items is three-fold:
The Right Gift at the Right Time
How often have you seen something exquisite made with care, but when the time comes to buy a special gift for someone, it’s not as simple as going out to grab it? Maybe it was from a craft fair long ago, or on a trip, and now that an occasion is upon you, you’re drawing a blank. We want to provide you with incredible, quality gift options, year-round, whenever you are in need of a gift to really impress the person receiving it.
Special Items for Special People
The quality of a gift given says a whole lot to the person receiving it. We believe our meticulously-selected handmade items from all over Eastern Canada will leave a big impression with those who receive them. We curate our gifts with both beauty and functionality in mind. Which means while the entire presentation will be breathtaking, we don’t want one little item to go unused by the recipient. We want each gift in our gift crates to be thoroughly enjoyed, right down to the crate itself, which can be re-purposed in countless ways.
Helping Artisans Connect With You
One of the main reasons we started this company was to connect gift-givers like you with some of the incredible artisans across Eastern Canada. That’s why we chose to honour them in our name. The heart of our company is our makers. While we strive to curate the best possible combinations of the finest items we source, the passion and skill behind each item packed lovingly in our crates is really what makes these gift collections sing.
Explore our unique offerings and read about our talented Eastern Canadian makers. Feel confident knowing the gift crates you purchase from The Makers Crate Company will not only delight those receiving them, but also be helping to sustain multiple small businesses of local, passionate, and hardworking artisans.